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Inspired (Rose Floral) - Perfume Rollerball (5 mL)

$ 22.00
26 reviews
Inspired (Rose Floral) mini white cylinder rollerballs with black top and keychain attachment with pale pink diamond-like pattern and has .035 fl oz or 1 mL. Pale pink cylinder packing tube with pale pink wave-like pattern. Roll-on perfume oil. Mini rollerball and cylinder tube are on a white background.

Inspired (Rose Floral) - Mini Roll-On Perfume Keychain (1 mL)

$ 9.00
2 reviews
Inspired (Rose Floral) Top Shelf Lotion in pale pink tube with black lid and label. Nutrient rich, aloe-based formula, tube has 5 fl oz or 89 mL. Pictured with white background,.

Inspired (rose floral) Top Shelf Lotion

$ 12.00
11 reviews
Luxury Body Wash in Mixologie’s Inspired (Rose Floral) in pale pink color sample package with black label. Contains 6.7 fl oz or 200 mL pictured on a white background.

Luxury Body Wash & Shower Gel - Inspired (rose floral) scent

$ 13.00
4 reviews
Inspired (Rose Floral) Moisturizing Body Mist in pale pink color box and rounded rectangle spray bottle with pale pink color label and clear liquid. Spray bottle has 1.1 fl oz or 35 ML. Spray bottle and box are pictured in the sand on white background.

Inspired (rose floral) - Moisturizing Body Mist

$ 22.00
2 reviews

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