The good, the rad, and the lovely.

Mix•o•logie is the alcohol-free blendable perfume collection that doesn't ask you - or want you - to be someone else. Not the perfectly-dewy model strewn in an impossibly uncomfortable position (on an impossibly velvety couch). Not the celebrity who "turns heads" (or so the voiceover claims) just by walking into the room. And definitely not the one whose head is left out altogether.


Be the subject—not the object—of your perfume.

With Mix•o•logie’s eight rollerballs, create truly signature scents that are as layered, complex, and candid as you are.

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Expertly Crafted.

Beautifully Blended.

Thoughtfully Gifted.

When we created Mix•o•logie, we didn’t want to just “make scents.” We wanted to make sense of what we (as girls, women, or just as people) feel internally, of our relationship with the world and each other, and of our identities. That’s why each of Mix•o•logie’s eight fragrances is beautifully and mindfully blended to express who you are when you are.

As a gift to yourself or a gift to someone else, Mix•o•logie is intended to be experienced (and to empower) over and over again—not just when you open the box for the first time. More than just perfume, Mix•o•logie is an exercise and a celebration of experimentation, individuality, and evolution.

•Truly a gift in more ways than one•

Electric. Serene. Inspired. Tender.
Free. Sultry. Tenacious. Assured.

How you feel is never wrong. Neither is how you use Mix•o•logie. It doesn’t matter which scents you blend, how, or when. Feeling tenacious and serene at the same time? Live it. Electric and assured? Own it. Sultry and tender? Wear it.

Change your perfume like you change your clothes, your major, or your mind.



You can’t capture scent in a photo (chances are we’ll be there by, say, 2075) but you can capture your essence.

Share who you are and how you use Mix•o•logie with the world using #MyMixologie on Instagram. 


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