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How It Works

Follow your heart.
Let the scent names be your guide. Roll with how you feel.

Follow your nose.
Ignore the names. If it smells great, roll with it.

Follow a recipe.
Discover one that speaks to you. That’s how you roll.

Follow your friends.
Search #MyMixologie for insight. Then rock and roll, baby.

When you think about it, you were always a chemist. A sticky-lipped kid mixing all the flavors of Neapolitan together to make ice cream soup. A makeup artist blending just the right amount of frosty white to make the perfect smokey eye. And a real chemist in Professor Lagatta’s chemistry class, kicking butt and taking A’s.

Mixologie Perfume Collection

And now, here it is. Your own perfume lab. A set that comes in a box but lives outside of it. An opportunity to craft scents that compliment not just your distinct taste, but your unique chemistry. An olfactory poem, an ode to yourself that’s made without words but with all the soul.

There’s a fancy name for custom scent: bespoke perfume. Unlike the rest, Mix•o•logie’s bespoke perfume comes without the price of your car (times at least three) plus a month’s rent (and then some). No, seriously. Some bespoke perfume can cost tens of thousands. And while Mix•o•logie’s expert perfumers give you over a dozen scents to start with, you’re your own perfumer in the end. Because no one––not even the experts––knows you better than you.

the good, the bad, and the muddled

Follow a Mixed Emotions recipe on days when following your heart just isn't in the cards.

How to Apply Mixologie

To use Mix•o•logie scents, simply apply a “splash” of the rollerball to your forearm, wrist, or neck and layer away. One “splash” is one complete, curvaceous, and nickel-sized “o.” Mixing inspiration can come from anywhere, but these are some of our favorite places to find it.