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All too often, the joy of giving a gift is diluted by the pressure of finding the “right thing.”

So you put it off. You search. You scramble. And ultimately, you either settle or splurge. A sweater. A candle. A meaningless gift card stuck inside an envelope.

Mix•o•logie is the gift for gift-givers and ladies who like nice gifts. Because it’s perfume, it’s classic. Because it’s blendable scents, it’s unpredictable. Simply put, you can’t mess it up—not you when you’re gifting, not her when she’s mixing. And since Mix•o•logie’s scents smell stellar in any absolutely any combination, it’s a new experience every time she opens the box. If that isn’t thoughtful, we don’t know what is.

As the blendable perfume collection that celebrates “the real you” above all else, Mix•o•logie embraces everything she loves about herself—and conveniently, everything you love about her, too.



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